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September 30, 2013:
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News on RG7204


Cancer Treatment:

Clinical trials for treatment are hard to get into, and do not guarantee results. Keep this in mind if you are not part of a study, since sometimes the investigational drug might be more dangerous for your body chemistry.

Potential New Melanoma Treatment

Also known as PLX4032

Important note: we are still in the process of building a site on RG7204 and so apologize for the lack of information shown here.

Some resources for RG7204 (also known as PLX4032 or RO5195426) treatment can be found at:






Notes and Special Information

Special note: As with any treatments, there can be setbacks in research and not every person will respond to the medication. Nothing on this site should be considered medical advice or a substitute from treatment by a professional with firsthand knowledge of your case. RG7204 is said to reduce metastatic melanoma by up to 80% and comes in pill form. A patient's mutated gene, known as BRAF, is found by the drug and shrinks the tumors when the drug is used. According to scientists, this drug may be available in the year 2012, but you should ask your doctor whether there are any clinical trials of RG7204 before that date.